Murray’s is committed to youth. We hire young people, through affiliations with two high schools, and via word of mouth. We take high schools students and university students and train them. Our work experience program for high school students provides them with some financial remuneration, and more importantly provides credits towards their high school diploma. We instill a work ethic, and stress safety and quality. .
Customers who use our freight consolidation program indirectly support these “student” employees, who run the program supervised by our Dock Foreman. When they are ready to move on to the career they have been educated for in school, they will also have a ready knowledge of the working world, and at the same time, they will have been able to support themselves at least partially, throughout their education. And in most cases, at some time in the future if they find themselves unemployed they can always fall back on the trade they learned while at Murray’s. .
For the younger kids, we actively support school extra-curricular activities (such as plays), and fund raisers. Murray’s donates to a number of charities including, first and foremost, Stars Air Ambulance, which provides a service near and dear to the hearts of all in the transportation industry. We also support the Stollery Children’s Hospital, the Alberta Lung Association, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Alberta Cancer Society, and the Canadian Diabetes Association. We fund some of the activities of the Edmonton Industrial Hockey League. .