Murray’s has a clean, modern warehouse with 25,000 square feet of space to provide for the central stores needs of our customers. Our Warehouse Manager, Frank Murray keeps our customers’ freight flowing smoothly in and out of our facility. We offer cross-docks, storage, and collection and shipping services with care for the condition of the goods we are handling..
Murray’s has an up-to-date clean fleet of late model trucks kept in top condition by our full-time and on-call mechanic, Trevor Patzer. All stock have up-to-date CVIP certificates (safety inspections)..
Our Warehouse includes a fully equipped mechanical shop, and all units are inspected every six weeks. Our trucks are maintained completely in-house including all unscheduled maintenance. We have the staff to manufacture our own deck equipment, and they have experience in measurements and tolerances so that the most crucial jobs can be done in-house. Our tractor division consists of the necessary hauling power to do the job; whether across the street, or across the province..

Our fleet includes: 


  • 8 tractors combined with a fleet of 30 deck trailers of different configurations.  Dry vans, up to 53’ tri-axle, available on request.
  • 4 tandem axle deck trucks, c/w 22 to 30’ decks, accommodating up to 32,000#.
  • 8 single axle deck trucks with 24’ decks, accommodating up to 18,000#.
  • 22 one ton flat deck trucks c/w pipe racks.
  • 12 ¾ ton 4x4 trucks c/w pipe racks.
  • 4 one ton cube vans.
  • 3 pilot trucks for overdimensional work.