Established in 1997, Murray’s Trucking Inc. is an independently-owned and operated fully-equipped transportation company, handling everything from small package courier deliveries to 65,000 pound over-dimensional loads. With our diversified fleet of over 65 units, ranging from light to medium to heavy duty trucks, accompanied by a 25,000 sq. ft. cross-docking facility located in southeast Edmonton, Murray’s Trucking Inc. is the definite alternative for your transportation requirements.
Servicing the oil and gas, mining and construction industries across Western Canada, Murray’s was formed to focus on the high service demands of these particular industries and to assure all stakeholders that their transportation requirements would be met in a safe and cost-effective manner, customized to their individual needs. Our customer base has been strategically groomed to include companies operating in the Western Canada sedimentary basin, which creates a threefold result:
      1. high levels of service for our customer
      2. cost-effectiveness for our customer
      3. a good economic environment for our company. .
The management team at Murray’s believes in building from the inside out. The company is equity-financed and has sufficient resources in place to continue its aggressive growth and development plans. When we decide to pursue business, we investigate prospective needs and plan our resources to meet those needs. When we have the people, the systems and the equipment in place, then we approach the customer. You can be sure that when we approach you to become our customer, we know what it is you need, and we can provide those services today..
Murray’s Trucking Inc. is driven by a service-oriented team that has proven, time and again, its ability to provide customers with superior service and dedication. Our people are our most valued asset. They are recognized and encouraged for their innovation, contribution and accountability. It is this commitment that sets Murray’s. apart from the competition. We also understand that excelling in business is closely linked to our ability to define our competitiveness and to become an industry leader in these areas..
Because of our commitments to health and safety, not only for ourselves and our employees, but also in the community, Murray’s has pursued the Certificate of Recognition in Health and Safety (COR) and we are an industry leader in keeping pace with and exceeding requirements for health and safety in all of our operations. At Murray’s, customer satisfaction will not be compromised for our satisfaction. We will give the highest quality of service and strive daily to exceed our customers’ expectations. .