Gerard Murray, Owner and Chief Executive Officer


Gerard is the owner and founder of Murray’s Trucking Inc.  He has spent his entire working career around the transportation and energy industries.  At the age of thirteen, he started working after school with his brother in the trucking industry off-loading and loading trucks at a warehouse.  At the age of eighteen, he signed on in the oilpatch, spending fourteen years with the same drilling contractor.  In the off-season for drilling, he spent his time back with his other love, trucking.  This thirty year tenure between the transportation and energy sectors has given him a masterful understanding of how a quality transportation and logistics company can be so vital in the success of its customers.


Gerard couldn’t decide which he preferred; the smell of burning diesel, or the reek of raw crude.  So, in July of 1997, he formed Murray’s Trucking Inc., which was designed to service the energy industry and, as he himself would say, “the rest just happened”.


“There is no greater pleasure than seeing the satisfied smile, or hearing the

thoughtful thank you of a happy customer.”


Chantal Geoffrion, Co-owner and Chief Financial Officer


Chantal, as co-owner of Murray’s Trucking, assumes responsibility of being Chief Financial Officer.  She knows the importance of customer service.  Chantal holds a valid Class One Operator’s License and her transportation experience extends from twelve years in the courier business to three years hauling mail for Canada Post (from Edmonton to Vancouver and return).  Needless to say, she knows what deadlines and timely shipments are all about.


Chantal’s expertise in accounting and management is self-taught.  She has learned how to manage the company environment and smartly invest its equity back into the company to ensure its growth and economic comfort.  She has secured many resources to ensure the company can grow to meet its customers’ demands at any time.  She is a firm believer in developing our own people to assume more major roles in the company as required.


Beverly Brown, Chief Administrative Assistant


This is Bev’s 20th year in the courier/trucking business.  Specializing in accounts receivable/accounts payable, Bev carved a niche for herself in transportation accounting, working for a number of courier companies including Tiger, Ace Courier and Pro Express.


Murray’s is lucky to have acquired Beverly’s expertise to streamline our billing procedures, and to provide customer service such as sending proofs of deliveries, answering accounting questions, fielding credit applications, etc.  There isn’t much about transportation accounting Bev can’t handle.


Sidney Sledz, Operations Manager


Sid started his logistics career at a young age, working at a local distribution center, pulling and packing shipments for transport.  This led Sid to becoming an owner/operator and for the next twelve years, successfully operating his own truck doing contract hauling for a local courier company.


Opportunity knocked, and Sidney took up the challenge, by moving into dispatch and driver management over the next five years.  His drive and determination lead him to own and operate his own successful transportation company for his next seven year tenure.


In July of 1999, Murray’s Trucking Inc. welcomed him to their team, and since then Sidney has assumed the role of operations manager, overseeing the daily dispatch operations and organization of the fleet.  Sid’s experience, determination, and total commitment to customer satisfaction has undoubtedly contributed to Murray’s success.


Dan T. Hodson, Human Resources and Safety Co-coordinator


Dan also comes to Murray’s Trucking Inc. with over twenty years’ experience in the transportation industry.  From owning and operating his own company, boasting such clients as Canada Post,  Dan has become an integral team member, developing our in-house Health and Safety Program and accreditation (COR)  which scored an unheard of 95% with the external auditors from the Alberta Motor Transport Association and Alberta Human Resources.  He now acts as our internal auditor for the program.


Dan is responsible for the screening, hiring, and three day orientation of all new employees.  He has become certified as a trainer for First Aid, Load Securement and Materials Handling, Forklift Certification, and instructor for the PDIC course for professional drivers, and provides or oversees the provision of all of the in-house training for Murray’s staff.  He also holds a certificate in Accident and Incident Investigations.  Dan plays a significant role in developing our staff to make sure that they are competent to handle any situation that arises, and to represent our company and portray its vision to the best of their ability.


Frank Murray, Warehouse Manager


Frank started with the company on Day One.  His love of driving and belief in his brother’s ability to succeed at the transportation business encouraged him to leave his job of 25 years at Northern Alberta Dairy Pool (NADP) where he became Warehouse Manager and was responsible for all Inventory Purchasing.


His customer service skills and tenacious work ethic have been an integral part of promoting and representing Murray’s in the field.  He has set the standard for all our company drivers to follow.  Frank now assumes the responsibility of supervising the warehouse on a daily basis, managing all Pik ‘n Pak, storage and cross-docking operations. 


His total and unselfish commitment to the company has, no doubt, played a large roll in Murray’s success.


Trevor Patzer, Fleet Manager


With its ever-increasing fleet, and Murray’s commitment to a safe work environment for its employees and the public, we acquired Trevor’s services in the summer of 2004 to help achieve the high standards the company has set for its rolling stock.  Trevor comes with twenty years’ experience as a journeyman mechanic with a fleet background.  He is competent to work with all makes and models of equipment and assumes responsibility for all aspects of the mechanical requirements for our fleet. 


His short tenure with the company has exposed us to his vast knowledge of the job and the pride he takes in his work.  Trevor’s goal is to have our maintenance shop CVIP certified, so that all our safety inspection certificates can be issued in-house.