Health and Safety Management Program and Certificate of Recognition (COR)


Ensuring the health and safety of every person at Murray’s or around its equipment, whether management, employees, visitors, workers at other sites or the general public, is paramount at Murray’s.  For this reason, over the period of approximately a year and a half, Murray’s management produced and developed a Health and Safety Management Program, which is now instituted in all our operations.  We have received our Certification of Recognition (COR) in Health and Safety from our certifying partner, the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA), co-signed  by Alberta Human Resources and Employment.  As part of this program, two of our senior staff act as internal auditors, making sure that all aspects of the program are actively upheld.  The COR program is also recognized by WCB, which they support by a premium reduction program for COR recipients.

The components of the program in health and safety which must be met to be certified include:

·        Management Leadership and Organizational Commitment

·        Hazard Identification Assessment

·        Hazard Control

·        Inspections

·        Qualifications Orientation and Training

·        Emergency Response

·        Accident and Incident Investigations

·        Program Administration

Health and Safety Policy Statement


Murray Trucking Inc. maintains extensive and effective safety and maintenance programs, ensuring that we employ the safest drivers and utilize the safest vehicles.


Our drivers take advantage of professional driver improvement courses offered in-house as well as by various trucking associations.  Our drivers also benefit from programs that focus on developing attitudes that ensure safe driving.  Murray’s is committed to ensuring that all employees receive the training that they need to perform their jobs in a manner which will not endanger their safety or the safety of others.


The Management of Murray’s Trucking is focused on recognizing and adhering to all applicable legislation, including Canada’s National Code, Occupational Health and Safety Legislation, WHMIS and TDG Regulations.


We are committed to a Health and Safety Management System that protects our staff, individuals who enter onto our property, contractors, and the general public.


Employees at all levels are responsible and accountable for the company’s health and safety performance.  Active participation by everyone, everyday, in every job is necessary for the safety excellence this company expects.


Management will set an example and provide leadership in the health and safety system.  Management will set Health and Safety Policy and Work Procedures and provide proper equipment.  They will promote safe work conditions and procedures and utilize performance management when required.  Employees are responsible for following all procedures, being aware of their responsibilities for health and safety and participating in the program.  Specific responsibilities for heath and safety are outlined in our Health and Safety Manual.


It is our belief that all accidents and personal injuries are preventable.  Together we will achieve a safe and healthful work environment that protects the well being of Murray’s Trucking Inc.’s employees and the public.